Home Power Washing: A Proven Process You Can Trust


With a proven process that we've used to clean over 15,000 homes in 16 years, we think you will agree that we stand out above our competition.

  • Hot Water - Proven to be the most effective part of any cleaning project and you should insist on it.
  • Biodegradable Cleaners - We use eco-friendly detergents that are very effective yet are not harmful to the environment. Although we use some chlorine to kill the mold, the quantity is fine-tuned and will not harm pets or plants.
  • Clean Windows - Although we are not window washers, the majority of our customers are very happy with the window results. Our process gets windows and screens looking fresh again without having to remove the screens.
  • No Ladders - The use of ladders in power washing is extremely unsafe and, in our opinion, too risky. We use equipment that is powerful enough to reach even the highest spots in your home. All of our work is performed from the ground.

Our premium wash consists of a thorough cleaning of your house which includes: a hot water low-pressure wash of the siding and all the trim, window washing, front stoop aggregate, and brick surface, foundation mold removal, and thorough rinsing of the entire house with hot water.

In addition to the premium wash, we offer (at additional charge) the following options:

  • High-Pressure Cleaning of Front Sidewalk (Concrete or Aggregate)
  • Hot Water Rinsing of Rear Deck
  • Low-Pressure Wash of Interior Screened Porch
  • Shed Wash (Low Pressure)
  • Garage Wash (Low Pressure)

***We have updated our service radius to include up to 20 miles / 20 minutes from our headquarters in Mechanicsville. We are more than willing to accommodate service requests outside of that area. Due to the distance being traveled, we now request a small travel fee.***